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#20 - Dirty Talk, Pillow Talk, & The 5 Love Languages with Dr. Willow and Leah Piper

Season #2


A little dirty talk, a little pillow talk, a dose of the 5 love languages, curse words that didn’t start out that way, and the subconscious impact behind words you use every day will have the next dinner party spellbound by what you share from this episode. 



  • Ahhhhhhh…. Pillow talk, an ancient language between lovers when dirty talk was poetry drenched in reverence, charm, and beauty. Will it replace what you whisper in the bedroom?
  • Psycholinguistics is the psychology of language, and since we know words have power, the original meaning or translation of words used everyday surprises you
  • Leah & Willow reflect on the wisdom gained from the book The 5 Love Languages, by Gary Chapman, and the influence their mother’s love language had on shaping their own. Can you guess which one adopted her mother’s love language and the other rebelled?
  • Whether you love it, loathe it, secretly crave it, or haven’t tried it, you won’t want to miss reimagining your position on Dirty Talk.


What visceral sensations show listening to this episode on language? What offends, what delights, what turns you on, what turns you off? Did it open you, did it close you? We want to know!! Leave us a message on speakpipe and share your comment.


[02:59] Language That Used to Offend Me, No Longer Does.

[06:17] Listeners! what comes up for you viscerally (body sensations) as we explore language?

[06:43] Pillow Talk | The More Spiritual / Poetic Language of Sexuality

[08:52] Milk & Honey Yoni Puja's in India

[10:58] How You Refer to Something Can Empower You or Disempower You

[11:42] Cunt Translate to Birth Canal 

[12:48] Vagina Translates to Sheath

[13:34] The Psycho Linguistics of Language

[16:06] What Does the Wand of God, a Thunderbolt and a Sleeping Giant have in Common? 

[22:18] The Transformational Impact of Words to the Psyche in Healing

[25:47] Speaking Without Words

[28:01] Do You Feel Deeply, Emotionally, and Sexually Loved by Someone?

[31:13] Finding our Back to Attraction When Bodies Change & Age

[36:11] When Goals Replace Love in Sex

[40:11] What is Amrita?

[44:15] The 5 Love Languages

[45:36] 3 Questions to help you find your Love Language

[46:38] What Shaped Leah's Love Language of Gifts

[49:54] Willow Needs a Handy Man

[52:21] What Love Language does your Partner Complain Not Getting Enough of? 

[53:44] Love Language Mash Up

[55:58] Gettin Dirty

[58:36] What We Need is a Sacred Slut Holiday

[1:00:21] Being Highly Aroused Certainly Makes Talking Dirty Easier 

[1:04:49] Final Thoughts...


The 5 Love Languages - by Dr. Gary Chapman Check out the Book

Article about the Five Love Languages 

4 Quizzes to strengthen relationships: Love, Anger, Apology, and Appreciation Check out the Quizzes 

What is Psycholinguistics? 

Pillow talk questions to ask?


Co-Hosts Dr. Willow Brown & Leah Piper bring a wealth of wisdom through their combined 40 years of expertise in human sexuality, health, and spiritual growth.  Leah is a Tantric Sex Master Coach and Positive Psychology Facilitator, while Dr. Willow is a Chinese & Functional Medicine Doctor and Taoist Sexology Teacher.  When these two devotees of love come together, they blend and weave the ancient teachings of Tao and Tantra for the modern lover with humor, insight, and wisdom.


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