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Conscious Male Sexuality Harnessing Sexual Energy Through Tantric Meditation with Freddy Zental Weaver

Sex Reimagined
Conscious Male Sexuality Harnessing Sexual Energy Through Tantric Meditation with Freddy Zental Weaver



Imagine a world where we openly embrace our sexual energy as a creative life force. Where sexuality is honored as a spiritual practice for manifestation and healing. This is the paradigm trailblazer Freddy Zental Weaver has devoted his life to actualizing.  


After being introduced to Tantra at age 13, Freddy returned to the teachings as an adult and embarked on a mission to demystify sacred sexuality after he left coroprate america. Since then he's guided thousands of clients for over two decades through his books, seminars, tantra institute in Chicago, and TV appearances. 


Freddy returned to the Sex Reimagined Podcast to download his hard-won wisdom around conscious male sexuality, feminine empowerment, and sexual meditation with hosts Dr. Willow Brown and Leah Piper. Let's dive into some highlights.


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Owning Your Vulnerability as a Man


Since boyhood, most men learn to cloak tenderness under a tough exterior. Freddy stresses the vital work of reintegrating the masculine and feminine. Through practices like breathwork, men can contact suppressed emotions and rediscover their softness. 


"As we come up, guys are kind of given two emotions to be okay to show - fucking and fighting." - Freddy Zentel Weaver


Rather than live divided against themselves, Freddy encourages men to bravely unmask their wholeness.


Harnessing Sexual Energy for Manifestation 


As a teen, Freddy began exploring sexual meditation under his psychiatrist father's mentorship. He used this mind-body practice to manifest his dream of a sports scholarship.


In sexual meditation, you move energy through the chakras using arousal and breathwork to visualize - and energetically embody - your desired reality. By repeatedly immersing in this altered state, you rewire your neural circuitry to new patterns.


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Introducing Sexuality to Kids Without Shame


Today students have unprecedented access to porn, yet gaps remain in sex education. 


Freddy stresses that before educating kids, parents must first develop comfort with their own sexuality.  Then they can candidly discuss intimacy and bodies without evoking shame.


As he jokes, rather than prohibit public masturbation, clarify it's fine alone in their room! Kids deserve facts alongside space for their natural curiosity.


The Elusive Male Multiple Orgasm


Many men equate climax with hurried ejaculation. Freddy schools them in a more refined eroticism through separating orgasm from ejaculation. 


Using careful breathwork and PC muscle control, men gain stamina to ride waves of full-body pleasure. This builds consciousness around sex beyond the genital sneeze!


Through tantra, men can progress from one-and-done to multiple whole-body orgasms. They unlock their lover's pleasure too, no longer dependent on their penis to perform.


Are you ready to inhabit your sexual wholeness? Dive into this wide-ranging discussion with Freddy on the Sex Reimagined podcast. He'll expand your sense of possibility for sacred intimacy.



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