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Navigating Sex After Birth and Breastfeeding

Sex Reimagined
Navigating Sex After Birth and Breastfeeding


Breasts—we all have an intimate relationship with them! Whether we nursed as babies ourselves, have breastfed our own little ones, or simply enjoy our girls as a core aspect of our feminine beauty.


Yet womanhood often asks us to give up our breasts for others without realizing their potential for OUR OWN pleasure and reclamation.


Well, today, that story shifts.


Dr. Willow and Leah had the honor of an intimate, vulnerable, at times hilarious conversation about our breasts with the lovely Dr. Emily Spaeth (doctor of physical therapy and board-certified lactation consultant). 


Dr. Spaeth brought insight, empathy, and inspiration as we discussed:


  • Navigating pain + exhaustion in early breastfeeding days
  • The mental, emotional, and physical impacts on sex after birth
  • Rediscovering intimacy and sensuality with our partners
  • Overcoming bodily shame, guilt, and isolation as new moms
  • Making peace with stopping breastfeeding
  • Considering breast implants or reductions for future feeding
  • Getting support even with limited resources


Watch the full episode here.


The wisdom shared has already changed our relationship with our own breasts. We walked away feeling tenderhearted, hopeful, and curious about the untapped pleasure potential of our girls pre- and post-baby!


What we love most is Dr. Spaeth’s passion for helping women reclaim our feminine power and bodily sovereignty however we choose to feed and nourish our babies. There is no one right way.


Want to unlock the pleasurable magic of your breasts? Discover creative inspiration for intimacy with a newborn bedmate? Be filled with compassion for your postpartum body. 


This conversation is an enlightening must-listen!


Let the breast reawakening begin... 💗





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