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Overcoming Triggers in Intimacy

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Sex Reimagined
Overcoming Triggers in Intimacy

Uncovering Your Childhood Coping Strategies

Have you ever felt triggered by your partner in ways that surprised you? Do you wish you could understand those knee-jerk reactions and create more harmony in your relationship?


Our intimate relationships often unconsciously evoke the coping strategies we developed in childhood. In this fascinating episode of the Sex Reimagined podcast, hosts Leah Piper and Dr. Willow Brown illuminate the innate emotional patterns we form early in life.


By shining a light on these unconscious childhood strategies, you’ll gain profound insight into your own triggers and reactions. This understanding can help you navigate intimacy and relationships with more compassion, presence, and connection.


In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • The 5 key childhood strategy patterns we develop to protect ourselves emotionally
  • How to identify your primary and secondary coping strategies
  • The role parenting and developmental stages play in shaping strategies
  • The gifts and shadows of each childhood pattern
  • How these innate triggers show up in intimate relationships
  • Tools to work through triggers and reconnect in presence
  • Tips for cultivating understanding across different coping mechanisms


Whether you tend to flee from conflict, push through aggressively, or any range in between, this episode provides a framework to understand yourself and your loved ones more deeply. Leah and Willow share with humor and heart how these childhood strategies unconsciously shape our reactions as adults.


By bringing these patterns into the light, you’ll gain self-insight, strengthen your relationships, and learn to navigate challenges with more grace. Instead of being at the mercy of old triggers, you can develop mastery and rewrite more empowering strategies.

Tune into this enlightening episode to start decoding your intimate triggers and leveling up your love!

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