The Fearless Intimacy Blueprint

Stop Repetitive Arguments, Start Creating More Love

Enhance your relationship skills and create deeper connections without having the same repetitive arguments and challenges.

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Discover the Two Most Common Aspects That Trigger Our Strongest Emotions

How to Handle Them in Your Relationships


What Happens to You During Triggering Situations

  • You’re mentally checking out during intimate moments, creating an emotional gap between you and your partner
  • You sacrifice your own desires to keep your partner happy, losing sight of your own needs in the process
  • You often endure relationship challenges in silence, neglecting your own well-being for the sake of maintaining peace
  • You found yourself taking control of conflicts in your relationship, perhaps masking deeper insecurities
  • You’re struggling to adapt when your relationship doesn't meet your rigid expectations or rules

If you’re ready to learn communication tools that will reignite your intimate experiences, then we’ve got some great news for you!

We're excited to unveil a groundbreaking approach that empowers you to have closer connections with confidence and skills guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on your relationships.

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Be the ultimate partner, A phenomenal lover, and an exceptional friend to your significant other

Being good at intimacy is not something that comes naturally. It's a learned skill.

We've spent years studying, cultivating, and practicing these skills. Now, we want to give them to you in an easy, digestible format that does not take a lot of your time or energy.

We want you to have fun learning how to be the best partner, the best lover, and the best friend to your partner or future partner that you can be.

The truth about intimacy is that it's scary because one of its primary ingredients is vulnerability, and being vulnerable translates to being wounded.

So yes, you could get hurt. But you could also unlock a depth of love you never dreamed possible.

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The Fearless Intimacy Blueprint

Revolutionary Skills That Transform
Your Relationships

Over the next 5 months, gain profound knowledge and insight on how you’ve been sabotaging love so that you can keep your heart open moving forward.

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When you cultivate the intimacy skills we're about to share, your risk of heartbreak, and disappointment diminishes dramatically.

You will get access to live interactive online classes that tell you exactly what to do when you or your partner…

  • distract from connection

  • Choose Screen time or kid time over intimacy time

  • Are too tired, reaching for sugar or alcohol instead of each other

  • Are dissociating during sex

  • Are spacing out when the other is trying to connect

  • Are stuck in your head and can't feel your body

  • Are recoiling from certain styles of touch

These concerns require skills that go beyond the bedroom. You'll be able to use them in all areas of your life. You’ll be able to turn triggering moments into opportunities for a closer connection.

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Start Your Journey to Love

Your satisfaction is our priority. Enjoy a 7-Day money-back guarantee.

The relationships we cherish most and turn to for comfort and guidance are the ones where we feel seen and understood

We've spent a total of 20 years nerding out on Dr. Wilhelm Reich’s techniques, using them to crack the code for clients who come to us feeling like their sex lives are stuck in the spin cycle. And let me tell you, when it comes to busting through bedroom blocks and overcoming those pesky "not tonight" triggers, this stuff is pure gold. It's hands-down the most potent tool in our intimacy arsenal - and now we're ready to pass it on to you.

Discover transformative secrets to deeply understand and connect with your partner, enhancing your intimacy and sex life naturally.

Learn beyond physical techniques; gain insights on bringing presence, not past protective patterns, to intimacy for a deeper connection.

Address and overcome outdated emotional patterns, akin to upgrading an old computer operating system, to foster healthier relationships.

Explore the pioneering work of Dr. Wilhelm Reich, who linked emotional well-being with sexual health, laying the groundwork for modern intimacy coaching.

Benefit from our two decades of expertise in applying Reich's methods, proven to break through intimacy blocks and revitalize your sex life.

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Your Journey in the Next Five Months

The Leaving Pattern

Session One (Month One)
Live Class: May 4th/ Mastermind: May 8th

  • Learn effective tactics to fulfill your intimacy desires and deepen connection with your partner.
  • Understand the importance of presence and staying in your body during triggering moments.
  • Discover strategies to approach confrontational topics with your partner, fostering open communication and trust.

First month only, $299

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The Merging Pattern

Session Two (MonthTwo) -
Live Class: Jun 1st / Mastermind: Jun 5th

  • Master the art of setting boundaries to create a safe and respectful space for intimacy.

  • Distinguish between genuine needs and "needy" behaviors in your relationship dynamics.

  • Explore self-nurturing practices to prevent emotional deprivation and foster self-love.

Second month only, $299

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The Enduring Pattern

Session Three (Month Three) -
Live Class: Jul 6th / Mastermind: Jul 10th

  • Develop trust in your instincts and intuition to navigate intimate
    connections authentically.

  • Overcome feelings of unworthiness and fully embrace transformative
    sexual experiences.

  • Prioritize self-care and create space for emotional and intimate growth in your life.

Third month only, $299

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The Aggressive Pattern

Session Four (Month Four) -
Live Class: Aug 3rd / Mastermind: Aug 7th

  • Embrace vulnerability and spontaneity to deepen intimacy and connection with your partner.

  • Practice forgiveness, compassion, and acceptance to nurture deeper bonds
    and growth.

  • Release barriers around your heart and cultivate emotional resilience for new beginnings
    in intimacy.

Fourth month only, $299

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The Rigid Pattern

Session Five (Month Five) -
Live Class: Sep 7th / Mastermind: Sep 11th

  • Cultivate self-trust and tap into your inner wisdom to strengthen authentic intimacy.

  • Foster trust in your partner and create a nurturing environment for vulnerability and connection.

  • Express yourself authentically, sharing your emotions and desires openly in your relationships.

Wrap up and explore opportunities for continued growth and connection beyond the program. Reflect on your journey and celebrate your progress and insights. Discover ways to integrate newfound knowledge and practices into your daily life for sustained transformation.

Fifth month only, $299

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There will be a wrap-up session where we will discuss ways to integrate newfound knowledge and practices into your daily life.

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So, if you want to navigate relationships masterfully where you or your partner:

  • Crave constant attention and affection
    but feel unfulfilled
  • Prioritize pleasing others, losing touch with your own desires
  • Struggle to voice your true feelings, fearing vulnerability
  • Are hindered by shame, lack confidence, or feel inadequate in sexual proficiency
  • Are overly controlling or micromanaging intimacy
  • Are feeling disconnected from your emotions, mistrust your instincts, and are swayed by self-doubt rather than heart-led decisions

…then The Fearless Intimacy Blueprint is for YOU!


Start Your Journey to Love

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The Fearless Intimacy Blueprint

Navigate Challenges in Your Relationships and Cultivate a More Fulfilling Connection









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 A Jam-Packed Journey of Transformation

Let's get down and dirty as we explore a learning journey that smoothly transitions
you from quick, practical tips to a deep dive into community-led mastery.

Live Online Class

Dive into our live online class to swiftly tackle personal, partnership, and life triggers. Get the insights you need without the long years and high costs usually involved.

Mastermind Circle

Step into our Mastermind circle post-knowledge dive for targeted, advanced coaching. It's where the real transformation happens—fine-tune your story, break barriers, celebrate triumphs, and connect deeply with a curated group of peers. Expect an electrifying journey that supercharges your personal growth.

Your Investment

Access to One-Month Session

This option is perfect for those looking to get a taste of transformative learning or to focus on specific areas of interest over a shorter period.

$225 for a single month

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Access to Five-Month Full Journey

Commit to your full transformation with our five-month package for $850. Immerse yourself in a sustained, comprehensive learning experience that provides continuity, deeper engagement, and a structured path to personal and professional growth – all at a substantial saving compared to monthly enrollment.

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What People Say About Working With Us

Normally $1495, now only $850

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Your satisfaction is our priority. Enjoy a 7-Day money-back guarantee.

Our 7-Day Money-Back Guarantee Ensures Your Complete Satisfaction

Explore our course with the confidence of a 7-day money-back guarantee. If you find it's not the right fit, we promise a full, no-questions-asked refund within the first week. Our refund process is simple and hassle-free, ensuring your peace of mind. You'll have dedicated customer support throughout, because your satisfaction is our top priority. We're committed to providing an experience that fully meets your expectations.

Normally $1495, now only $850

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Your satisfaction is our priority. Enjoy a 7-Day money-back guarantee.

You will be Learning From the Absolute Best in the Field

Leah Piper

Leah Piper, co-founder of the Sex Reimagined Podcast and founder of More Love Works, is an intimacy expert with multiple advanced certifications in Tantra Yoga, Positive Psychology, and Somatic Therapies. With
over two decades of experience facilitating groups and supporting couples and individuals in her private practice, she's witnessed thousands of people heal from sexual trauma and awaken sleeping pleasures. And it all started with a little book on tantric sex that she stumbled upon 20+ years ago that completely transformed her life.

As someone who had a rocky start to their own sexuality, Leah knows firsthand just how challenging relationships and sex can be. But through her journey with Tantra, she learned to understand sexual healing and the profound power of intimacy, as a result, she overcame her own sexual challenges, and now it’s her mission to help others do the same.

Let’s work together to break down the hurt and taboo surrounding sex, overcome the anxiety of deeper intimacy, and embrace all our awkward parts so we can feel the sublime beauty of sexuality. Tantra isn’t just about sex—
it’s a practice of becoming more conscious of what separates us from love so we can have a rich and satisfying intimate life enhanced by profound pleasure.

With my expertise in the ancient tantric arts, the science of well-being, and modern somatic therapies, I’m here to help you reclaim your sexuality and experience mind-blowing, leg-shaking, incredible orgasms. So, are you ready to create something truly phenomenal? Let’s get started!

Dr. Willow Brown

Willow holds a doctorate in Chinese Medicine, which she blends with functional medicine for optimal vitality. She blends ancient taoist philosophy with sexual and spiritual practices that ignite the souls true calling.

She is devoted to the sexual healing of humanity
and helps her students open the receptive pleasure pathways in their own bodies, for maximum healing and rapture.As these pleasure pathways open, your cellular body begins to bathe deeply in sensuality
and love, and you begin to shift at a quantum level.

She works on every level, physical, spiritual, emotional, sexual and psychological. You will not find a more holistic approach to a long happy and healthy
intimate life. Clearing away all previous pretenses about who you are and who you should be so that
you may become who you are.

According to modern neurological studies being in peace, happiness and bliss is better for a long and happy life than any diet fad, exercise regime or supplements.These avenues to health and vitality can augment the inner peace and happiness that you will arrive at when you work with Dr. Willow. She works with her clients and patients
on every level, physical, spiritual, emotional, and psychological. You will not find a more holistic approach to a long happy and healthy life.

Your Questions Answered

Normally $1495, now only $850

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Your satisfaction is our priority. Enjoy a 7-Day money-back guarantee.

Discover the hidden treasures within your being and unlock the mystical realms of your soul, embracing the magic that lies within and inviting its transformative power into
your intimate experiences.