The Jade Egg Remedy


Elevate Your Intimacy with The Jade Egg Remedy

Unlock the secrets to a more fulfilling intimate life with The Jade Egg Remedy.

Discover the Yoni temples that guide you in a gentle, graceful journey to release emotional imbalances.

Rediscover harmony and passion in your intimate experiences, as you ease through our transformative practices. Begin your path to a more liberated and vibrant intimate life today.

What People Are Saying:

Willow, thank you so much for your love and advice! I feel it in my heart. The course was amazing and it felt very intimate. You are a great and loving teacher!!


At the time when I began working with Willow and practicing the jade egg routine, I had been in chronic pain (from a hamstring and hip injury), for several months. The exercises and visualizations that I learned led me to feel a sense of peace and relaxation that I had not felt in months. Even after just a short while of practicing, the outcomes were beneficial to both my physical body and my mental/emotional gave me the space I needed within, to be with my chronic pain, while simultaneously working with it, to heal!


The Jade Egg really brought me into my subtle energy body and feminine space - whenever I use it I feel like I drop into my power and all the beauty that comes with it.


$397.00 USD

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