Overcoming Porn Addiction


You’ve had a stressful day at work, you got reprimanded by your boss, you don’t really like who you work with, your family puts you down in these subtle undermining ways that make you feel even worse about yourself.  Your friends aren’t available to support you because they’re barely hanging in there themselves emotionally. 


The only thing you can think of to release this downward sinking feeling is to watch some porn and have an orgasm to help relieve some of this stress, pressure and depression. 


So you do just that, yet afterwards you feel even worse, you feel this sense of shame creep over you, and think some of these debilitating thoughts:

  • I’m worthless

  • I’ll never find a partner

  • I can’t get turned on by real life women or men anymore

  • I’m damaged goods

  • What’s the point of trying to overcome my addiction to porn, no one will want me anyway

Dr. Willow’s Overcoming Porn Addiction Course goes into great detail about what addiction is in the first place, how it affects your body, what it does to your brain and most importantly what you can do to overcome this addiction or really any addiction, using amino-acid therapy, meditation, sacred sexual practices and more. 
If you or anyone you know is struggling with this affliction do NOT hesitate to grab this course.  It’s knowledgeable is invaluable, well laid out, easy to digest and very applicable. 
It has changed lives!

$397.00 USD

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