$47.00 USD

The Yoni Empowerment Bundle

Normally $197 but NOW only $47.

These practices for awakening your yoni and empowering the divine feminine within you can be used individually or you can go through all of them in one long practice.

We recommend you do one of the meditations and then one of the yoni practices, so that you can digest the effects of each one.

The first time you go through these practices do them in order as they appear and after that you can jump around.

Our course comes with 6 Modules:

  • Meditation: Creating Sacred Space for Rituals with Dr. Willow Brown 
  • Meditation: Grounding before Ritual with Dr. Willow Brown
  • Vulva Witnessing Practice with Leah Piper 
  • Pelvic Floor Release Therapy with Dr. Willow Brown 
  • Jade Egg Practice with Dr. Willow Brown
  • The Sacred Spot & Gspot Mapping Practice with Leah Piper